How to set up Connected TV (CTV) measurements with AppsFlyer

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To start running Connected TV (CTV) campaigns with Moloco, you must set up CTV-specific attribution with your MMP. This guide walks you through how to set up CTV attribution with AppsFlyer.

Step 1: Integrate postbacks. 

If you have never integrated postbacks to run other campaigns, you must first integrate postbacks as a first step to tracking CTV campaign performance. To learn how to integrate postbacks, see the postback integration guide for AppsFlyer

Tip: If you like, you can toggle on Cross-platform equal attribution priority and configure the corresponding lookback window. Doing so lets impressions have the same attribution priority as deterministic clicks during the number of hours you have specified for the lookback window.


Step 2: Specify the tracking link type.

After you have finished integrating postbacks, click Attribution link from the same page. Then, select Use OneLink as the attribution link type. For Select OneLink template, select your OneLink template intended for CTV campaigns. 

Important: At this time, deep linking isn't available for CTV campaigns and the box next to Deep linking must be left unchecked.

Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 10.34.37 PM.png


Step 3: Specify the parameters to track. 

Under Attribution link parameters, add any other parameters you would like to track in addition to the mandatory parameters to monitor campaign performance. To learn more about the available parameters, see AppsFlyer's tracking link guide and Moloco's tracking link guide for AppsFlyer. Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 12.18.32 PM.png


Step 4: Configure retargeting settings.

Be sure that Retargeting settings is toggled off at all times. You only need to configure retargeting settings for Re-engagement (RE) campaigns. At this time, you can only run User Acquisition (UA) CTV campaigns with Moloco. Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 2.41.37 PM.png


Step 5: Set up and configure attribution window for view-through tracking link.

You only need to set up view-through tracking links for CTV campaigns. Under View-through attribution, be sure to toggle on Cross-platform attribution. If you like, you can update the default lookback windows for view-through attribution and cross-platform view-through attribution. 

Important: To successfully run a CTV campaign, you must toggle on Cross-platform attribution. Doing so automatically adds the af_xplatform=true and af_xplatform_vt_lookback parameters to the view-through tracking link. Without these parameters, the view-through tracking link is unable to attribute multiple installs to the same impression.

Screenshot 2023-11-07 at 12.19.13 PM.png


Step 6: Save and register view-through tracking link.

Review the configurations and click Save Attribution link to save changes. Copy over the view-through tracking link to Moloco Ads to register. To learn how to register tracking links with Moloco, see the tracking link registration guide. Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 5.10.12 PM.png


Step 7: Integrate cost data.

If you have never shared your ad spend data with AppsFlyer for other campaigns, start sharing your ad spend data with AppsFlyer. To learn more, see the ad spend integration guide


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