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Any creative asset you add to your campaigns must be reviewed for compliance with our policy before they can be run. In this guide, you will find the different creative statuses you can see on Moloco Ads and what you can do in the event that your creatives were unapproved.


Creative review process

Moloco reviews all creatives you have added to your campaigns to ensure they are age-appropriate and compliant with not only our own creative policy but also other policies specific to different ad exchanges. The review process begins after you have added creatives to campaigns that are in Ready, Scheduled, Active, or Paused status. Creatives that are approved can be run in the campaigns you have added them to but note that individual ad exchanges can still make their own decisions. Creatives that are unapproved can't be run in any of the campaigns they have been added to regardless of decisions made by individual ad exchanges. Appeals can be made only through your Moloco representative. 


Creative status

Moloco Ads lets you know the outcome of the creative review process for each creative you have added to your campaigns. To see the status of your creatives, select the app the campaigns to run the creatives are under, and click Creatives. Click the tab for the creative type of your choice to see a list of all creatives of the type. Under the Creative status column, you will find one of the following values for each creative.  Screenshot

Status Description
Not linked The creative hasn't been assigned to any campaign in Ready, Scheduled, Active, or Paused status. Add the creative to one or more campaigns in any of these statuses to start the review process.
Failed to upload The video or native video creative has failed to upload due to issues with transcoding. You must upload a different file. You can hover your cursor over the icon by the text to display the specific reason for failure.
Under review The creative is under review. The review process can take anywhere from one to three business days to complete. Reach out to your Moloco representative if it is taking longer.
Approved The creative has been approved and can be run in the campaign(s) it has been assigned to. 
Denied The creative has been unapproved and can't be run in the campaign(s) it has been assigned to, regardless of the decisions made by individual ad exchanges. Appeals can be made through your Moloco representative.
Limited After Moloco has approved the creative, one or more ad exchanges have determined that the creative is unacceptable to run. This status is also displayed when your creative is being reviewed by one or more ad exchanges. See the troubleshooting guide to learn more. 



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