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Learn how to register your SKAdNetwork conversion values in Moloco Ads. The registration will help us interpret SKAdNetwork postback and use it for your campaigns. 


What is a Conversion Value? 

Apple's SKAdNetwork framework provides a Conversion Value in order to track a users' post-install activity. Conversion Values have a value ranging between 0 and 63 which contains information about the user's activity after app install or reinstall.


Conversion Value schema options

Moloco Cloud supports 3 types of conversion values schemas: Single event, Multi-event, and Custom.

  • Single event: You can register up to 63 events. With this method, you assign a single event for each conversion value.
  • Multi-event: You can register up to 6 events consisting of a 6-bit array. Each bit contains a value of 1 or 0, and the bit is set to 1 if an allotted event occurred and set to 0 if the event didn't occur. The 6-digit binary number consisting of 0 and 1 can be converted to a decimal number from 1 to 63. (i.e. 111111 = conversion value 63)
  • Custom: You can register custom combinations of multiple variables mapping with each conversion value. Currently, AppsFlyer's custom format is supported and this option allows easy registration with CSV file upload. Please refer to the AppsFlyer guide for more details about the CSV format.
Note: For clients using AppsFlyer or Adjust, Moloco Cloud automatically integrates the conversion values registered with the MMP so that you don't have to set up one of the options above manually.


Registering Conversion Values

Important:The following guide requires prerequisites such as MMP SDK and dashboard settings to send SKAdNetwork Conversion Value. 


  1. Select the ad account with the app you wish to register the Conversion Values for.
  2. Go to the Assets on the left sidebar menu.
  3. Click Apps on the tab.
  4. Next to the registered app, there is a SKAdNetwork Event Management Menu under the action column.___________2021-06-02______6.07.16.png

    Note: SKAdNetwork Event Management menu is only visible in ad accounts and app that have access to create campaigns with SKAdNetwork traffic. If you can't see this menu, please contact your Moloco representative.

  5. If you use AppsFlyer or Adjust as your MMP, you'll see the Auto Integration feature below that automatically pulls the SKAdNetwork Conversion Values from the MMP. If you don't want to use this feature, please uncheck.___________2021-12-17_______7.28.12.png
  6. Under the SKAdNetwork Event Management menu, select among the Single Event, Multi-Event, or Custom options to set up Conversion Value schema.

    Important: You can only edit the registered Conversion Value if there is no Campaign activated under that app within the past 72 hours.


Conversion Value with purchase value ranges



For events with purchase values, you can enter purchase value under the Single event option. You must enter at least 4 ranges.

You can check the revenue and max ROAS tracked by SKAdNetwork in Analytics > SKAdNetwork Analysis dashboard based on the registered purchase value.

Note : The purchase value currency is based on the currency of an ad account.

Important : You can only edit the registered purchase value if there is no campaign activated under that app within the past 72 hours


Frequently asked questions

What is the best way to map the SKAdNetwork Conversion Values?

That depends on your business model and campaign goals. Consult with your MMP partner to find the best conversion value model and then map the conversion values. Regardless of the mapping method you choose, you can easily set up conversion values in your Moloco dashboard. Be sure to check out our detailed guide to registering SKAdNetwork conversion values.

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