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In this section, we will learn how to create and set up creative groups with Dynamic Product Ads. 

For basic creative settings including images, native ads, and videos, refer to the following article.  

Note: Dynamic Product Ad is personalized ads generated through Moloco's machine learning engines.

To use Moloco's Dynamic Product Ad, contact your Moloco representative. 



Important:  Full postback and your catalog feed must be integrated to set up to Dynamic Product Ad.


Dynamic Product Ad interface & properties

Title Description
Business Title The title of the dynamic product creative template. It is recommended to use the App title as the title. (Maximum of 25 characters.) 
Call to Action Text (CTA)

The call to action text will be shown the button the user clicks to engage with the ad. (Maximum of 8 characters)

Color Code Select the HEX color code. This will be used as the highlight color and the color of the CTA button within the dynamic product creative template.

Upload the icon to be used in dynamic product creative. The app icon is registered by default. 

  • Format : PNG(recommended), JPEG, JPG
  • Dimension : 256x256 or larger, 1:1 ratio
  • Max Size : 500KB
Brand Logo

Upload the logo to be used in dynamic product creative. If not registered, it will be replaced with an app icon.

  • Format : PNG(recommended), JPEG, JPG
  • Dimension : 256x256 or larger, 1:1 ratio
  • Max Size : 500KB



Uploading Dynamic Product Ad

  1. Go to the Creative Group menu and click Create
  2. Check the Dynamic Product Creative Group box in the screenshot below. We give permission to create Dynamic Product Ads at an app-level upon your request. Therefore, If the option is unavailable, contact your Moloco representative.  ___________2022-03-10______3.36.16.png
  3. Fill out the dynamic product creative template by setting up the title, call to action text, color code, icon, and brand logo. ___________2022-03-10______3.39.12.png
  4. Click Create.
  5. Once the creative group is created, make sure the creative type is displayed as Dynamic Product Creative.___________2022-03-10______3.40.35.png
  6. Reach out to your Moloco representative to add dynamic product creatives under the creative group. This may take 1~2 business days. 
  7. Once creatives are added under Dynamic Product Creative Group, add the creative group to the appropriate campaign. You can check if the status of the creative group is active or not.
  8. You can also check whether a dynamic product creative group has been added to active campaigns or not in Creative Group Detail
  9. You may set a schedule for the added dynamic product creative group if needed.

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