Create a creative group for Dynamic Product Ad (DPA)

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After completing feed and postback integrations, you can create and set up creative groups for Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) to run creatives in your DPA campaigns.

Set up a creative group for DPA

  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the left.
  2. Select the app to add DPA to from the left sidebar menu.
  3. Click Creative Groups. This takes you to the Creative Groups page where you can add or edit creative groups. 
  4. Click Create and select One creative group. This takes you to the New Creative Group page where you can configure settings for the new creative group.
  5. Enter a title for the creative group and click Dynamic Product Creative Group. ___________2022-11-22______2.39.50.png

    Important: You must have completed feed and postback integrations before you can create a DPA-specific creative group for an app. If Dynamic Product Creative Group isn't showing up as an option even after both integrations have been completed, reach out to your Moloco representative. 

  6. Fill out the required fields.
    Item Description
    Business Title Enter a title for native type DPA creatives. We recommend using the title of the app. You can enter up to 25 characters. 
    Call to Action Text (CTA)

    Enter the CTA text (e.g., Download, Install, Play, etc.) to be displayed as a button or link users can click. You can enter up to 8 characters.

    Color Code

    Enter the Hex color code of the color you would like to use as the theme color of your ad and for the CTA button. Avoid using bright colors as the CTA text is in white.


    An app icon is automatically added for you. If you would like to use a different app icon, upload an image for the app icon. The image must satisfy the following requirements.

    • Format: PNG (recommended), JPEG, JPG
    • Dimension: At least 256x256 px.
    • Ratio: 1:1 (i.e., a square icon)
    • Size: Up to 500KB
    Brand Logo

    Upload an image for the logo. If no image is specified, the app icon is used as the logo.

    • Format: PNG (recommended), JPEG, JPG
    • Dimension: At least 256x256 px.
    • Recommended ratio: 3+ : 1 (i.e., landscape)
    • Size: Up to 500KB
    • We recommend using a transparent background.
    • Minimize the margin around the image so that the logo doesn't appear smaller than it is. 


  7. Under Scheduling, you can specify a time period to display the DPA creatives. See Creative group settings for more information.
  8. Under Additional settings, you can add an optional description, tracking link, and MMP report group ID for the creative group. See Creative group settings for more information. 
  9. When you are finished, click Create. The new DPA creative group appears under Creative Groups with the Dynamic Product Creative label under the Creatives column. ___________2022-03-10______3.40.35.png
  10. To add DPA creatives to the creative group, reach out to your Moloco representative.

    Important: At this time, Moloco Ads doesn't give you the option to add creatives to a DPA creative group. You must ask a Moloco representative to add creatives on your behalf.

  11. After DPA creatives have been added to the creative group, you can assign the creative group to the campaigns you would like to run DPA creatives in. Under Creative Group Detail, you can see a list of all campaigns the creative group has been assigned to. Screenshot


Edit a DPA creative group

You can update details about the DPA creative groups you have created by clicking the pencil icon next to the item you would like to update from the list of creative groups. Screenshot

Alternatively, you can click the creative group you would like to edit from the list of creative groups and click Edit from the Creative Group Detail page. Screenshot

From the Edit Creative Group page, you can update Title, Description, Start/End Schedule, Day/Time Schedule, Tracking link, and MMP Report group ID. If you would like to update Business Title, Call To Action Text, Color Code, Icon, or Brand Logo, you must reach out to your Moloco representative for assistance. 

To learn how to duplicate DPA creative groups, see how to duplicate creative groups


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