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Moloco Cloud DSP supports SKAdNetwork(SKAN) traffic and provides advanced SKAdNetwork traffic options while creating a campaign. Learn about the conditions under which SKAdNetwork traffic options can be set and the details.

Refer to campaign settings to learn how to set up a campaign. 


SKAdNetwork traffic options


SKAdNetwork targeting is currently only available under the following campaign conditions:

  • An ad account and app allowed to create SKAdNetwork campaigns: For apps that have permission to create SKAdNetwork campaigns, you can see the SKAdNetwork Conversion Value Management menu in your app list. (Refer to the guide) If you can't see the menu, contact your Moloco representative.
  • OS: iOS only
  • Campaign Type: App Installs
  • Campaign Goal: InstallIn App Event*, or ROAS*
  • Bid Control Priority: Daily Budget or Target CPI*

* In the 2 cases below, you can set up SKAdNetwork traffic options, but the available combinations of traffic options are limited.

  • In-App Event, ROAS goal campaign: You must include MMP attributable traffics.
  • Install goal campaign with target CPI as bid control priority: You can only select MMP attributable traffics.


Configure SKAdNetwork traffic options

Warning: If you make any changes to your SKAdNetwork Settings, it may take up to 72 hours before the changes are applied. A new campaign id from SKAdNetwork will be issued for the new SKAdNetwork target setting. 

  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the top left.

  2. Click Overview tab. 

  3. Click + Create Campaign button. 

  4. Find SKAdNetwork Settings under Additional Settings.
  5. Select Standard or Advanced to configure the SKAdNetwork traffic target you want and complete the campaign setup.
    • StandardThis is a default setting that targets all traffic. Unattributable traffic targeting can be turned ON/OFF using the 'Option to include traffic that has unattributable' toggle below.
    • Advanced: If you need more detailed traffic adjustments, click Advanced. You can select among 4 types of traffic targets. For detailed targeting and setting by traffic type, refer to the next section of this guide.


Detailed traffic options

Depending on the OS version of the user's device ( iOS 14.4 and earlier / iOS 14.5 and later) and the SKAN compatibility of the publisher showing an ad to users, traffic types are divided into the following categories:


Traffic types

  • MMP attributable only traffic: Conversions that occur from this traffic can only be attributed by MMPs and will not result in any SKAN installs. This includes user devices with version 14.4 and earlier, as well as end publishers that are not SKAN-compatible.
  • Both MMP and SKAdNetwork attributable (bi-attributable) traffic: Conversions that occur from this traffic can be attributed by both MMPs and SKAN.
  • SKAN attributable only traffic: Conversions that occur from this traffic cannot be attributed by MMPs but can result in SKAN installs. Note that with probabilistic attribution enabled, there will not be any traffic that falls under this category.
  • Unattributable: Conversions that occur from this traffic cannot be attributed by MMPs and will also not result in any SKAN installs. Note that with probabilistic attribution enabled, there will not be any traffic that falls under this category.
  SKAdNetwork unattributable SKAdNetwork attributable
MMP attributable MMP attributable only traffic Both MMP and SKAdNetwork attributable traffic
MMP unattributable Unattributable traffic SKAdNetwork attributable only traffic


Probabilistic Attribution Allowance


In the SKAdNetwork settings menu, you can also check the status of the probabilistic attribution allowance. Our system automatically reads and shows the current allowance status from MMPs.
If probabilistic attribution allowance is enabled, conversions are attributable by MMP regardless of the OS version. Therefore, all MMP unattributable traffic groups turn into MMP attributable traffic.


Frequently used targeting combinations

All (Recommended)

All traffic is a default setting and targets all possible traffics for your iOS campaign. We recommend setting up a campaign with all traffic types to allow the machine learning models to automatically allocate a budget based on the size and performance of each traffic group. 



Attributable traffic

These options target all traffic except for unattributable traffic.



MMP attributable traffic

These options target traffic from user devices using iOS 14.4 and earlier, or (if probabilistic attribution is enabled) it's the same as all traffic. If the bid control priority is a Target CPI in the install optimization campaign, this is the only option.



Frequently asked questions

Can we run re-engagement campaigns on iOS SKAdNetwork traffic?

Apple currently doesn't support retargeting measurement via SKAdNetwork. In addition to Apple's policy, most of traffics from devices running on iOS 14.5 and above don't include any advertising IDs, so the size of retargeting audiences can be highly restrictive.

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