Set up postback for Dynamic Product Ad (DPA)

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Dynamic Product Ad (DPA) requires in-app event postback data from mobile measurement partners (MMPs), which we use to personalize items displayed to each app user. To learn how to share postback data from different MMPs with Moloco, check out the postback setup guide for each MMP.


Share full postback data for required events

To run DPA, we need full postback data which includes both attributed and unattributed data for the following events.

  • For e-commerce apps, you should send us full postback data for the following events.

    • View product
    • Add to cart
    • Purchase
  • For content-oriented apps such as webtoon, OTT, and job search apps, you should send us full postback data for the following event.

    • View content

For the best performance, we recommend sending us other events in addition to the required events, including the event your campaign optimizes toward.


Include Product ID in the postback data

Postback must be tagged with Product IDs to let us understand your users' in-app behavior, such as what products they have viewed, added to cart, and purchased. After enabling full postback integration, reach out to your Moloco representative to ensure Product IDs are included in the postback for the following events.

  • View product/View content
  • Add to cart
  • Purchase

Product IDs included in postback must match the Product IDs used in your product feed. For the following examples, the Product ID format used in their respective product feeds is {EX-nnnnn} rather than {nnnnn} or {nnnnn-EX}. To learn more about the required fields for your product feed, see the feed integration guide for DPA.

Important: Depending on when your feed was last updated, some Product IDs in the postback may no longer exist in the feed.


Sample e-commerce app postback for add to cart event

/postback?language=en&currency=USD&network=moloco&event_type=add_to_cart&... &product={"products":[{"currency":"JPY", "price":"320.0", "product_id":"EX-35231"}, {"currency":"JPY", "price":"2100.0", "product_id":"EX-41171"]} &campaign=moloco_ua_example&...


Sample content-oriented app postback for view content event

/postback?language=en&currency=USD&network=moloco&event_type=product_view&... &json={"revenue":"14.0", "currency":"USD", "content_id":"[EX-23519, EX-23520]", "price":"[8.0, 6.0]"} &campaign=moloco_ua_example&...


Frequently asked questions

What is a full postback, and why is it required?

Full postback data means both data for events (e.g., clicks, app installs, etc.) attributed to an ad network as well as data for organic events not attributed to any particular ad network. Moloco's machine learning technology learns from the postback data to display the most relevant items to each of your app users. Sharing both attributed and unattributed postback data with us helps maximize the accuracy of our item recommendations.


How do I set up postbacks?

Every MMP has its own way of setting up postbacks. See the postback setup guide specific to your MMPs.

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