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Feed integration for Dynamic Product Ad (DPA)

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Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) consist of product information such as price, product image, and product title from a regularly updated feed provided by advertisers. 

Moloco supports most of the product feed templates in the industry. Criteo, Facebook, Google, or Naver feed templates are compatible with Moloco Dynamic Product Ad. 


Feed integration

We need the feed URL and update times to integrate the product feed for DPA.


Feed URL

We need a product catalog feed URL to integrate your product information for Dynamic Product Ads. 

  • Feed URL example: http://ep.moloco/full 

If your feed URL can be accessed only from the allow-listed IP addresses, please ask your Moloco representative to share the Moloco IP address. 

Tip: When running campaigns across multiple countries, provide feed URLs per language. 


Feed update time

Please provide times and timezone for the product feed file update. 

  • Feed update time example:
    • Every 4 AM PST
    • Every hour from 1 AM to 1 PM UTC 


Product feed fields 


We use the following fields to form Dynamic Product Ads for e-commerce. They can also be used for other verticals, such as travel and food delivery: 

  • Product ID (Required)
  • Product Title (Required)
  • Product Image Link (Required)
  • Price (Required)
  • Discounted Price (Recommended) 
  • Product In-App Link (Recommended) 



We use the following fields to form Dynamic Product Ads for entertainment apps such as Webtoon and OTT: 

  • Product ID (Required)
  • Product Title (Required)
  • Product Image Link (Required)
  • Category (Required)
  • Product In-App Link (Recommended) 
  • Content Preview Image Link (Recommended) 


Product feed fields and descriptions

Note: UTF-8 is recommended for the feed encoding

 Required   Recommended





Product id

Unique identifier of the product



GTIN stands for Global Trade Item Number, a unique and internationally recognized identifier for a product.


Product Title

Title of the product


Product Description

Description of the product



Original Product Price. When Discounted Price is empty, the Price is the final selling price


Discounted Price

Price of the product with a discounted rate. When this field is not empty, we show Discounted Price as the final selling price.


Product Image Link

A URL of the product image 


Content Image Preview Link

The preview image of the content


Product In-App Link

Deep link address to the specific in-app product page.



A category of the product or genre of the content



A field that tells whether the product is available to be bought. If the product is not available, we'll not show the product.


Product Review Count

Review count of the product


Product Review Rating

Review rating of the product



Product condition


Product Target Gender

Target gender of the product



Product brand



The value must be yes or no




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