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Catalog feed integration For Dynamic Product Ad

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Moloco supports well-known catalog feed templates, Criteo, Facebook, Google or Naver catalog feed are compatible with Moloco Dynamic Product Ad. 


Catalog Feed Integration

Reset Feed(Required)

Reset Feed is a feed file  that is reset on a daily basis at a specific time of the day (e.g. 9AM everyday). Since reset file has the all product information and is published once a day, the file size is comparatively big.

Update Feed

Update feed is a feed file that is updated on an hourly basis. The feed is updated in every hour for specific time range (e.g. hourly update from 10AM~10PM). Since update feed files only have the product information needs to be updated publishing multiple times of the day, each update feed file size is much smaller than that of the reset feed file.


Catalog Feed URL

Please provide a dedicated catalog feed url which MOLOCO can access your catalog feed. Contact MOLOCO to add MOLOCO IP address that can access the url provided. 

  • Reset Feed URL Example : http://ep.moloco/full 
  • Update Feed URL Example : http://ep.moloco/partial

Catalog Feed Reset / Update Time

Please provide the type of feed update (Reset feed / Update feed). In cases where you wants publish both reset feed and update feed, MOLOCO will need to receive two types of url - one for reset file and the other for update file.

  • Reset Feed Update time example : Every 4AM PST
  • Update Feed Update time example : Every hour from 1AM through 1PM UTC 


Catalog Field Summary

Required Catalog Feed Field

  • E-Commerce, Travel, etc. (with price information):
    • Product ID
    • Product Title
    • Price
    • Product Image Link
    • (Optional) Product In-App Link
  • Content, OTT, etc. (without price information): 
    • Product ID
    • Product Title
    • Product Image Link
    • Category
    • (Optional) Product In-App Link
    • (Optional) Content Preview Image Link


Catalog Feed Field

Note: UTF-8 is recommended for the feed encoding

 Required   Recommended





Product id

Product Unique Identifier



Global Trade Item Number


Product Title

Product Name


Product Description

Product Description



Original Product Price. When Discounted Price is empty, Price is the final selling price


Discounted Price

Product Price when it is discounted. When This field is not empty, the final selling price is it.


Final Price

The Final selling price


Normal Price

Normal price when if the product is not discounted. When this field is empty, the product is sold by Final Price.


Product In-App Link

In applink to product page.


Product Image Link

Product Image Link



Product Category / Product Type



Field that tell whether users available to buy the product


Product Review Count

Review count of the product


Product Review Rating

Review count of the product



Product Condition


Product Target Gender

Product Target Gender



Product Brand



The value must be yes or no


Content Image Preview Link

The preview image of the content




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