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Advertisers can directly transmit the campaign results from Moloco Ads to the internal database or BI (Business Intelligence) system through Report API. In this section, we will go over the integration process.


What is Moloco Ads Report API? 

Moloco Ads Report API provides customers with a comprehensive API that generates reports for all campaigns operated on Moloco Ads. The functions provided through Report API are as follows:

  • Report Create / Read / List / Delete: Report creation, loading, checking categories, and deleting functions will be provided
  • Read report status: Check if any new reports have been created and check the location of the generated report 
  • Report Format: Report API are provided in either CSV or JSON files
  • Data update frequency: We provide Yesterday's full data once a day. It'll be available three to five hours after a complete day based on the ad account’s time zone. 


Integrating Moloco Ads Report API

Integration Checklist

You must have the following information before being able to integrate with Report API: 

  • Workplace ID 
  • Ad Account ID 
  • Workplace User Email / Password 
  • You can find your Workplace ID in your Workplace Information under Workplace settings. 


    Important: The Workplace Settings Menu is only visible to users with Workplace Owner access. The Workplace ID can also be found from the Workplace access URL. However, if it is difficult to confirm the correct ID, please contact your Moloco representative directly.

  • You can check an ad account ID in the Settings > Ad account settings or in the Overview of each ad account. The ad account ID will be a combination of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.

  • You will need the email and password of a Workplace Owner to have access to Report APIs. If you want to register a new user for API integration, check the following article:


API Integration

Once you get all the necessary information, share it with your development team and our developer center documentation link below. The following guide explains how to issue the report API key and token needed to integrate the reports.



To send the campaign results to your external Report Partner other than the internal database or BI, use our Report Partner Integration. Refer to the following article:

Report API gives access to the aggregated campaign results. If you want to access more granular log-level data, refer to the following articles:

If there is an issue with the data being sent through the Report API, please contact your Moloco representative or contact us through our help center.

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