Creative policy

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General guidelines

Moloco strives to provide service to our clients with the safety of our users in mind. Creative assets you upload to Moloco Cloud DSP are reviewed by a Moloco representative for compliance with our guidelines. Any creative asset that doesn't comply with our guidelines may be disapproved and excluded from active campaigns at our discretion at any time. For recurring serious violations, we may suspend all campaigns associated with the app in question.


Prohibited content

Creative assets must not include content that falls under the following categories.

Adult content

  • Displaying sexual violence or crimes including but not limited to removing clothing, sexual harassment, stalking, sexually abusing minors, and sex trafficking. 
  • Displaying purely sexually motivated activities including but not limited to hookups, prostitution, and sexual affairs. 
  • Including sexual behavior or sound effects.
  • Displaying partial to complete nudity such as exposed female breasts, buttocks, or exposed genitalia, even when intimate body parts are censored.
  • Displaying sexually suggestive postures or using sexual innuendo.
  • Ads promoting swimwear or lingerie must not sexualize individuals featured in the ad.

Gore and violence

  • Displaying graphic images including but not limited to self-harm, dismemberment, and other physical trauma or mutilations.
  • Displaying images intended to shock or startle viewers.
  • Displaying violence against children, people with disabilities, and other social minorities.  


  • Using offensive or sexually explicit language or gestures even when censored.

Recreational drugs and prohibited substance

  • Displaying or glorifying use or creation of recreational drugs including but not limited to LSD, cocaine, and cannabis.
  • Promoting use of unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements. 
  • Some countries may have specific guidelines for promoting prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications. Use country-specific guidelines as a reference. 

Controversial content

  • Including or dealing with themes considered offensive for any political, social, cultural, religious, or ethical reason.


  • Hiding critical information or making false statements to take advantage of customers. This includes assuming the identity of a trustworthy entity such as a well-known bank or browser.
  • Misleading content including but not limited to ad elements disguised as UI components (e.g., CTA button, text box, etc.) as well as excessive animation intended to deceive customers to believe that parts of the ad are interactive.
  • Promoting counterfeit goods.
  • Promoting products intended to facilitate dishonest or criminal behavior including but not limited to document forgery, test-taking aids, and wiretapping equipment.

Abuse of personal information

  • Displaying personal information within the ad.
  • Making claims about possessing or selling personal information. 
  • Collecting personal information without appropriate security disclosure or prior notice.


  • Promoting use of firearms or other weaponry such as guns, ammunitions, knives, and explosives.
  • Ads may include use of firearms or other weapons with some restrictions.

Birth control

  • Promoting or displaying use of birth control or other fertility-boosting products. 


  • Displaying use of tobacco products including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, and vapes.


Other restrictions

Creative assets may be unapproved by individual exchanges in compliance with their own guidelines. To see potential reasons an exchange might reject a creative, see how to troubleshoot denied creatives.

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