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Moloco has a data access policy to determine how long we provide access to data and campaign assets to comply with privacy laws and regulations in an effort to manage customer data safely and efficiently. In this article, you will find detailed policies by data and asset type. To find out when the following policy begins to apply, reach out to your Moloco representative.


Data type Access period
Deleted entity profile 2 years from date of deletion
Overview, Report, and Analytics data Up to 2 years before date of viewing 
Log data Up to 90 days before date of viewing


Deleted entity profile

Moloco Ads lets you pause or delete select entities. Moloco Ads automatically deletes Campaigns, Targets, and User lists that have been paused for 180 days as well as those that are 180 days out from the date they were completed. Deleted entities can't be restored, reused, or duplicated. You may still find the deleted entity's profile under Overview for 2 years after it has been deleted. You can see when each paused entity is scheduled to be deleted under the Status column.



Overview, Report, and Analytics data

The aggregate campaign data can be found under Overview, Report, and Analytics on Moloco Ads. Users may access data from the past 2 years. 


Log data

Users can access log data from the past 90 days. Moloco Ads provides log data such as impressions, clicks, and conversion logs under Log Data only after consultation with the advertisers individually. Please contact your Moloco representative if you need to access the log data.

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