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Moloco gives you the option to automatically generate images and native banners using your app's information and existing assets. To reach as many advertising inventories as possible, you need creatives of as many sizes and formats as possible. If you have been using images and native banners of limited number of sizes, auto-generated creative can unlock all available inventories for your ad campaign and improve performance. Using auto-generated creatives in addition to creatives in certain sizes and formats has demonstrated improved performance by 6.5% on average compared to using only creatives in limited number of sizes and formats.

You can auto-generate images, native images, and video end card assets using this feature. This article walks you through how you can start using the auto-generated creative feature.


Set up automated creative generation feature

  1. Select your ad account from the drop-down menu on the left.
  2. Select your app from the left sidebar menu. 
  3. Click Creatives below the app. This takes you to Creatives where you can see a list of all creatives added so far. Screenshot_2023-02-23_at_5.24.32_PM.png
  4. Click Create. This takes you to New Creatives where you can upload, import, and auto-generate creatives. Screenshot_2023-02-23_at_4.37.08_PM.png
  5. Click Generate below the type of creative (e.g., image, native image, etc.) you would like to generate to open the prompt for auto-generating new creatives. Screenshot_2023-02-23_at_5.23.12_PM.png

    Important: You can auto-generate images, native images, native video end cards, and video end cards at this time.

  6. For Main image, you can select or upload an image of size 1200 x 628. We recommend uploading an image for better performance. If no image is uploaded, your app's logo image is used instead.
  7. For Generate option, choose from the size options available. There are different size options for each creative type.
    Creative type Size options Description
    Image All sizes Generates image banners in all available sizes regardless of what size creatives you have already uploaded to New Creatives.
    Missing sizes only Generates image banners in sizes other than the sizes of creatives you have already uploaded to New Creatives. You can't choose this option if you haven't uploaded any creatives.
    Native image 1200x628 General native image size
    1200x600 Native image size used only for campaigns targeting South Korea with Kakao exchange. See the Kakao exchange guide for more information.
    End card image for video or native video Landscape  Select the option based on your video's orientation. Only the end card image matching the video's orientation can be used for the video. 
  8. Click the expand icon to expand General settings. Under General settings, you can customize the company name, app name, app rating or review count, and CTA button's text, text color, and button color for the new creative. 
  9. Double-check the image under Sample image preview on the right hand side. Click Generate to generate new creatives.

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