Cloud DSP release note (22.12.15)

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Dear users,

We would like to announce the following changes to Moloco Cloud DSP. The changes are effective starting December 15, 2022. 


Choose multiple regions and countries for your campaign

Previously, users were only able to pick a region and target countries in the region of choice. With the update, you are now able to choose multiple regions and countries as well as add or remove countries. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend pairing the languages used in your creatives with those of your target countries. Note that performance may be unstable immediately after you have made changes to your target selections. 


Analytics filter has been updated

The filter feature for the Analytics menu had been configured to display up to 10K rows of data which were then filtered by the specified criteria. The filter logic has been updated to display up to 10K rows of filtered data. This was done to ensure the same filter logic is applied to Overview, Report, and Analytics to avoid differences in what is shown on the dashboard. 


The Cloud DSP team is always striving to provide the best service with regular feature updates and improvements.


Thank you,

Moloco Cloud DSP Team


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